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Student Goal Performance Export Data Not from All Subjects

Question asked by curtis.bryant on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by curtis.bryant

This will start sounding similar to another question that I just asked about the Student Goal Performance Export tool but is a separate question.

I'm testing the Student Goal Performance Export tool in Bb Learn 9.1 (Q4 2015 release) and want to understand the data that it produces.

When I went to System Admin > Student Goal Performance Export, clicked the "Generate Export" button and received student goal performance data in JSON format.

Because my institution is still testing Goal Performance, we have goals in only two subjects right now: English and Automotive Technology. Dummy grades that have goal associations have been awarded to dummy students in both subjects. However, the exported data includes grades only from English. Why might this be? Is there a setting somewhere that I need to turn on to get the Automotive goal performance also?