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Doing a simple blackboard db "entity instance" creation

Question asked by anlu on Feb 12, 2017
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I am new to developing for blackboard and I am trying to make a module for my university. I am struggling a bit with how to access and change database entities through the blackboard API.


What i am trying to achieve is that i want to create a new peer review assessment instance (through my own module, basically the same way the peer review assessment module does it today), fill it with information and store it in the database. Afterwards i want to be able to access it and change its values.



I am not a database expert but i was hoping that there were some lines of codes in the blackboard API that would do these operations for me (adding, modifying and storing new instances of an entity).


If anyone could share with me some lines of code it would be greatly helping me in my progress. Also if there is any documentation / tutorial that actually shows how this is done then i would love to see this as well. (I suppose the answer is in the documentation somehow, i just cant find any example code).