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Feedback on moving to SaaS Classic for other thinking about moving

Question asked by sh0043914 on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by em0041808

Several people on the BB list-serv have been asking about moving to SaaS. If you have moved to SaaS Classic OR SaaS Ultra from either Self Hosted or Managed Hosted (MH). Please add details and information here. I have posted details of our issues/bugs with each update to SaaS from version 3000.9, 3000.10, 3100, 3100.6 and 3100.9. I have also posted a Monthly testing plan.

However, I have more details about GUI comparisons with MH, SaaS Classic and SaaS Ultra (can send you the link) as well as SaaS Ultra testing plan (System Admin, Instructor role with Classic and Ultra courses, Student role with Classic and Ultra courses) - can send you the link, it is actively being tested.  


When we move to Ultra, we will move to Collaorate Ultra. Heard the Collaborate Ultra recordings are always working (50% of the time, is this true?).