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Adapative release based on last attempt date

Question asked by ph0045676 on Feb 3, 2017


We have a range of SCORM objects and BB quizzes for our organisation's mandatory training - Health and Safety, Information Security etc.

The policy for all of this training is that staff must complete it every 12 months, so if you last completed your H&S training lat March, you will need to do it again next March.

What we would like to do is make this available to users based on when they last completed. "Completed" in this case could mean a SCORM completed/passed or a test completed/passed but will always appear as a grade centre column/attempt.


For example, we would like to hide a SCORM object unless someone has not completed in the last 12 months. Even better we would like to automatically email them when it has been 12 months since their last attempt. Does anyone know how we could do this?