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LTI-tool as an assessment type – WARNING!

Question asked by br36524 on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by br36524

If you are thinking about implementing some extension of Blackboard as an LTI-tool instead of making a Building Block, then think twice… At the last DevCon in 2016 LTI-tools were presented as the new big thing, and as a better way of extending the functionality of Bb Learn. There was even talk about how you could wrap a B2 into a LTI-tool so it could be used in SaaS-solutions.


The LTI-tool integration in Bb can be set up as an assessment type and configured so the external LTI-tool can write grades back in the grade center. Though this works another essential part of using LTI for assignments does not work. You cannot set a due date for an assignment that is implemented as a LTI-tool. When creating an assignment (based on a LTI-tool) there is a checkbox and a field to set a due date, but the date is not saved.


There is no warning that the date has not been registered. It isn’t until you go back to edit the assignment that you can see that the fields for due date has just been blanked.

This is just a warning. If you, like us, finds due dates to be of great importance in an assignment then don’t implement a new assignment type as an LTI-tool.

When taking this up with Behind the Blackboard this was the response: “Our Product Development organization has verified this issue as a software defect. At this time it is not on the schedule to be fixed.


I am looking forward to hearing what the message is about B2s vs. LTI at DevCon this year in Milan.