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Bb Student 2.9.3 - Can no longer submit attachments to Assignments

Question asked by tp36301 on Feb 1, 2017
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We have the latest Mobile B2 for Q4 2015 in production and staging and for Q4 2016 on our 3rd Test server, 94.9.1 and 94.9.3.


After upgrading the mobile app on 2 devices and for 2 of these environments to 2.9.3, I can no longer attach submission files, both locally on the device and via OneDrive or Google Drive and they are running 6.0.1 for the version.  If I type a text submission manually, it is the only thing that submits.  It does not give a specific just to try again and that it is unable to submit.  I did not have this problem prior to upgrading and I have tried both a fresh install and a uninstall and reinstall of Bb Student.


Tagging Dan Loury in case he might be aware of this as an issue.  Has anyone else discovered this problem with 2.9.3 release in late January 2017 or could replicate it?


Let me know what you find.  Thanks in advance for your help.




Toni P.