Tests answers all blank after student submission

Discussion created by allyson_g on Feb 1, 2017
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Has anyone else had a problem with students submitting answers on a test, but it showing all of the answers as "none given"?

This has now happened to two of my students. I cannot figure out why. I had "Force Completion" enabled and I warned students not to leave the page unless finished. For both students it showed me that an attempt was in progress. I saw that they had filled in all answers and I watched them hit submit, yet when I looked at their attempts it showed 0% and all answers blank.

For any other students who even accidentally left the page, it submitted at least what they had completed up until that point, so I cannot understand why it didn't record these two students' answers.


These two poor students had to repeat a pretty long quiz. The worst part - I designed it so they had different questions every time! So they didn't even get a repeat of the same questions.


Does anyone know why this may have happened?