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Rounding Errors between Tribal/SITS and GradeCentre

Question asked by jb31639 on Jan 30, 2017


Sorry this isn't totally Blackboard related but wondering if any other SITS/Tribal (student records system) people have similar issues. Does SITS/Tribal only allow for whole numbers (no decimal points) where Blackboard allows for 2 decimal places in grades? This is the case for our configuration but now I'm wondering if it's an artefact of SITS' check digit feature (apologies if this makes no sense!)


The question I'm being asked and I don't think it's totally a Blackboard issue. I can answer the parts about using Excel to round/fix grades but wondering how other institutions deal with rounding errors between Blackboard and the student records system (SITS/Tribal).


I quote:


It would appear that no rounding is possible in the Gradecentre calculations, which results in some final marks that are 1% different from our own calculated marks. The general principle with CAMS is that we enter marks rounded to nearest percentage and the components are then aggregated and rounded from these figures.


So, for example, I have a student in [course id removed] who gets 52.57% for a 70% component and 58% for a 30% component with an overall score of 54.20%. Now if we round these marks we get 53%, 58% and 54.5%, which gets rounded to 55%. You may say, "well it's just one percent", but this is exactly the kind of thing that students get wound up about!


Even though I committed ******* to using Gradecentre when I was Head of ******, I feel that was in the absence of full knowledge. What I would have to do is to hand-enter the rounded component scores from a spreadsheet into a new column of Gradecentre.


That's actually a lot of extra work equivalent to filling in a CAMS sheet and is hardly an improvement. I know I can upload a spreadsheet to Gradebook, but I have found problems with doing this when the marks are letter scores (e.g. "B+").


Besides, the whole idea is that we don't have marks floating about in spreadsheets and that Blackboard becomes the prime source of mark information.