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SIS Enrollments & Merged Courses

Question asked by mh22766 on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by chris.bray

This semester we started to process dropped student enrollments via the SIS framework. So we use the SIS integration and we run a DROP file and then we run an ADD file. The drop file restricts students from the course.
I had a dozen cases today where students were registered for a course but were being restricted. At first I thought it was a programming issue with our SIS but noticed that the students were in courses that were merged.
So after looking at the .csv files we use to add/drop students, I noticed these students had dropped and added sections from these merged courses.




These courses are merged.

Student A dropped D1 & D2. But then added D3.

So the add csv file runs and adds the student to D3, but then the Drop file runs and drops the student from D1&D2. This then restricts the students access to the master course.

It seems to treat the merged enrollments as one course.

I did some tests with a test course and I can replicate this issue.


I thought about running the Drop file first to restrict and then run the add file right after. But on a good day there can be a 15 min gap between the drop and add files being processed. On a bad day it could be 30 mins or more. This could potentially kick students out of a test, etc when the file is running.

I posted a ticket to support over a week ago and all I have heard back is that they are researching it. I cannot be the only school with this issue.


Very irritating that a mission critical function as enrollments is not functioning properly.


I am on version  9.1.201510.1175205

Is there a solution to this? How are schools dealing with this?