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Question about SafeAssign and multiple submissions

Question asked by jo32204 on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by pt32238

Hi everyone,


I've got a question about how SafeAssign works with multiple submissions for the same assignment. 


On this page about Safe Assign, it says:

About the exclude submissions option

The SafeAssign settings have an option to "exclude submissions” when creating the Learn Assignment. This option allows instructors to create Learn Assignments that do not include any student submissions in the Institutional or Global Reference Databases. Like other options on Learn Assignments, this option will be point-in-time and editable after assignment creation. If the option were changed at a later date, new submissions would honor the new state of the setting. An example use case:

An instructor would like a single Learn Assignment to allow non-final submissions, then a single "final" submission, and only the final submission should be included by SafeAssign in the Institutional database for reference against later submissions.

You can accomplish this use case by taking the following steps:

  1. Create a Learn Assignment with multiple attempts, SafeAssign, and the "exclude submissions" option enabled
  2. Students submit their "draft" works, and submissions are not included in the Institutional or Global Databases
  3. When the final submission is expected, the instructor disables the "exclude submissions" option
  4. Students submit their final works, and submissions are then included in the Institutional or Global Databases


And on this FAQ, it says:

Can I allow multiple attempts for assignments that use SafeAssign?

Yes. SafeAssign can now report on multiple attempts for one assignment. If more than one attempt is allowed, the report includes attachments for all attempts. SafeAssign recognizes each new attempt as originating from the same student for the same assignment, so it does not check the new attempt against content in previous attempts.


So if Instructors are having their students submit a draft and a final submission for the same assignment, do they need to do the steps outlined in the first link to prevent originality matching between the draft and the final submssion?  The FAQ makes it sound like if it's an attempt for the same assignment, it will not match content.


Anyone have experience with this?