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Authentication for use Learn REST API

Question asked by yurbelis on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Peter Love

Hi guys.


I am new on this Blackboard world.

I am trying to use a software that can connect with BB Learn via API, but I am having some troubles with the authentication.

I already created the application and got the client id and the client secret.

When I try to configure the authentication method, that is oAuth v2, in this software, it asks me for the Token Request URL and the Authorization URL. I know that the token request URL is this: https://myserver/learn/api/public/v1/oauth2/token but I don't know what is the Authorization URL of Learn. I am pretty sure that Authorization URL is the page where the users provide the credentials after it received the token to get a session on BB Learn, but I don't know which is the real URL for this. I used the same of the Token URL and I get a blank page.


To give you an idea, with this software I can connect with the API of Twitter that use oAuth too. When I am going to connect, I get a page for authorizer to this sotfware to use Twitter and I have to provide my credentials to use my Twitter in this software. So I think that I need the same thing for use BB Learn. So, Do you know what is this URL for Learn API?


Another question is, if oAuth v2 is the only way to authenticate with this API?


Thanks in advanced.