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Using Powershell to create, queue, and upload Snapshot Feed Files.

Question asked by dk38496 on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by chris.filkins

My predecessor used a custom program that "handled" the various Users, Courses, and Enrollment changes but relied on the Snapshot command line utility.  I managed to move a majority of that service to PowerShell, creating feed files and using cURL to POST them to the various endpoints for the data integration.  I recently changed the process again to rely on PowerShell's Invoke-RestMethod so that I could capture the response or the exception from the POST.


While the script is not yet operating well, larger files continue to fail to POST, the connection being reset by from the receiving endpoint server, I'd like to separate the duties currently bundled into a single snapshot, similar to the details found in Snapshot Flat File Automation but for PowerShell, since my Institution uses Windows servers.  Has anyone worked with this themselves?


Message was edited by: Devin Kibler The redeveloped file was attached.  In the end, I've been successfully using cURL with this script.