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Setting JAVA_HOME in anticipation of upgrade

Question asked by mdeeprose on Jan 14, 2017
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Hi All


We're in the process of planning our upgrade of a dev server from 2015 Q4 to 2016 Q4.


The instructions at Perform the Upgrade - Blackboard Help state:


"Make sure that the $JAVA_HOME system environment variable points to a full Java Platform (JDK). The path cannot contain spaces. For example:/usr/jdk8"


My systems colleagues told me we had never set JAVA_HOME on our Blackboard servers ourselves and that it is set internally within Blackboard, they told me:


"JAVA_HOME is set through a script and not visible in the environment or via echo $JAVA_HOME. The script is located in the Blackboard application itself here: /usr/local/blackboard/system/lib/"


And looking in that file it shows:


"# Arrive at JAVA_HOME and export it for use by all commandline tools



export JAVA_HOME"


Blackboard gets that value from


We will set the JDK location in file to be used by the installer of course. But I wanted to check our others, who had already upgraded to 2016 Q2 or 2016 Q4, had handled setting JAVA_HOME before their upgrade.