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Portal Module Admin navigation query

Question asked by malcolm.murray on Jan 13, 2017

I have a custom module, which has a declared admin page set in the manifest.

When you access the admin page via the GUI it goes to a page like this:


where the [module_id] entry is something like _123_1 i.e the external string representation of the module PK1/Id.

That is all good and dandy but if I want the user to navigate away from this page e.g. to a second JSP that provides more functionality or a servlet and then return to admin.jsp I am hitting a problem. On the second page I am using the URL /webapps/portal/admin/customize_module/[module_id]/admin.jsp to get back to the admin page, It renders it (complete with any custom data) but then I get a dialog box saying "Session error".


I am making the following calls on admin.jsp which uses a bbNG:genericPage tag.


Module module = PortalUtil.getModule(pageContext);

PortalExtraInfo modulePei = module.getPortalExtraInfo();


Any suggestions? Is there something I need to add to the request or pageContext on my second JSP/Servlet that is required to ensure the Session is valid when I return to admin.jsp?