About <data> column <qti_asi_data> in table

Discussion created by aa0045190 on Jan 12, 2017
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We would to update qti_asi_data table but we have not found an update method provided by the Blackboard API.
We begin to code a Qti bean and its DAO to load/persist questions in qti_asi_data table.In this table, questions are persisted into BLOB format (varbinary(max) in sql server).

The issue is that when specifiying the Qti bean we don't know/found the equivalent type of data column in java.

We tried many object type like Blob, String, byte[], Image but an axception always occured.

Servlet.init() for servlet qtiProject-dispatcher threw exception Entry has an unsupported field type

What data type you think is better to use? others suggestions to sove this problem please.