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Restrict a user's access to certain document

Question asked by bp0046618 on Jan 10, 2017



Im in the planing of making a support fan, that links to a course (or organisation).

The idear was that the course would be open for guest, and that I would restrict user's access to document

by Institution Roles.


What I have done is:

In the content collection under the course (or organisation) I made 3 folders, 1 for student, 1 for instructors and 1 for staff.

Under permissions for the student folder I made a new rule, that allows all with the institution roles student to be able to read whats in the folder.

(The same where instructors have access to the instructor folder and staff have access to Staff folder).

I then placed .pdf fil in the instructor folder, made a content area menu -> Build Content -> Item. Under item I did Insert File (not attach file), browse CC, found the file

under instructor folder.

But when I log in as a student I have access to the instructor file, and can open and read it



1. Why can I not restrict user's access with institution roles in a course or organisation?

2. Is this a bug?

3. Is there another way to make this happen?


Let me know if I missed information.

I hope someone can help me further, as I have made contact to BB support but with no luck.


We are on Blackboard Learn | Release 9.1.201510.1171621