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Help - prevent Rolling Restart Required with every setting change in block if multiple app servers

Question asked by andy.tumas on Jan 9, 2017
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Working for a customer that has multiple blackboard servers, they have an issue where if they have multiple blackboard servers and they update the settings on one of them they must reset the other servers for the settings to take affect. They claim none of their other Building Blocks behave like this so I'm hoping there is some form of built in functionality to support polling the settings efficiently.


This is because we grab the settings once from the xml file and store them in a local object. I can fix this by getting the settings document from the db using db.parse every time a user loads a new page in the case someone updated the config on one of the other servers but I was hoping there is a less cumbersome solution.


Is there some event I can listen to for when the settings get updated or a "last modified" timestamp or hash I can check so I know if I need to grab the settings file instead of just always grabbing it?


Thanks for the help, let me know if I can explain the problem any better,
Joe M.