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Need help using question sets and multiple attempts

Question asked by adunn on Jan 5, 2017



I am trying to implement regular low-stakes quizzes in my earth science course to be administered as a Blackboard test.  I have created pools of questions, categorized according to subject.  So for example, I have 5 different multiple choice questions regarding latitude and longitude.


I was able to develop a quiz that randomly sampled from each of my specified categories with no problem.  However, I would like my students to have the option to re-take the quiz multiple times to improve their score (and learning of the material).  However, when I tested it out, each attempt has a different set of questions from the appropriate category.  This means that even if they took the time to figure out why their initial answer was wrong, they won't be able to fix it in the second attempt because they'll be seeing a different question in all likelihood.


Is there a workaround here? Specifically, is there any way to ensure that multiple attempts of a test use the same questions rather than generating new questions from the set?


Thanks in advance for any insight.