Q4 2016 Course/Organization > Instructor Privileges changed after upgrade

Discussion created by ingram.annette on Jan 4, 2017
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Just wanted to give any schools upgrading, something to check following the upgrade as we found that the privileges changed for the instructor role!  There were a lot of changes for us - particularly with USERS and COURSE COPY.  Instructors were given ALL privileges for users, including the ability to change passwords, add/remove users from the course, etc!  Due to our integration we DO NOT allow faculty to have those privileges!  For the COURSE COPY, we only allow faculty to copy into an existing course.  We do not allow them to do an exact copy or copy into a new course (as we don't allow them to create their own courses).  They aren't showstoppers, but I thought people might want to check privileges.  I don't routinely do that following an upgrade, but I will add that to my ever growing list of things to "check" since all changes aren't in the release notes.


I have to go through all the other roles, but this was the first and most important for us to check.