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Export-Import Question -- What Happens After I Import?

Question asked by qbrown on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by annelise.berger



I have some questions about exporting-importing content from a prior course.  I have not done this before, and the import functionality has me quite wary.


We are wrapping up a term and about to begin a new one; I will be leading the same course in the next term.  The new course shell is available, and it already includes limited, generic information (e.g., standard announcements) per school policy. 


I would like to import some, but not all, announcements and resources from the term that is wrapping up. 


As I understand it, I am able to export only "all" announcements, "all" resources, etc.  That is fine, but I do not see good info. on what happens on the back end -- in other words, once I click the link for content that I have imported to the new course shell, what should I expect to see? 


(a) Will I see a pick list from which I can pick and choose what I want to then populate to the new course shell, or is all imported content simply loaded to the new course shell? 


(b) If the import is en masse, is everything going to find its proper place within the new course shell? 


(c) Most importantly, will the content that I import overwrite anything that is already in the "new" course shell?


(d) About how long will the exporting and importing process take to complete?