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Multiple Course Completions

Question asked by gw0046349 on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by gw0046349

I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why a course is sending multiple completions through our gradebook extract.  Our extract is ancient and works for all other courses, so please no questions on that.  This course is doing something different.  Here is a description of the course: A single blackboard assessment is set up to trigger the course completion and I have verified that this column is indeed one of the completions being sent to the extract.  HOWEVER, the date time associated with instructors' grading of a discussion forum is the other completion.  There are multiple instructors and several of them are grading.  Some have graded the same activity, and I have seen the second grade time stamp associated with the second completion, but most of the time a single instructor graded each student's activity and that time stamp is the second completion. Most of the time the discussion forum grade was time stamped AFTER the student took the assessment, but not for all students.  In one case the student took the assessment after the grade. I cannot find any connection between that forum, it' grade center column and the external grade column which spits out completions. 


What am I missing?  Thank you in advance to all the detectives out there.  I'm on the verge of submitting a behind Bb ticket, but thought I would first see if anyone spots something I don't.