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Redshelf LTI setup

Question asked by cdeville on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by mkauffman

I feel silly, but might as well ask:


I'm trying to set up Redshelf LTI integration. I have been given the key and secret, and the launch URL. So the tool has been registered- that's done. I'm being asked for parameters like the context ID, context label, etc.


However, now I'm being asked for parameters like the context ID, context label, etc. from the Redshelf representative. I'm a little confused, as I didn't get any instructions on setting up the LTI placement either. I also don't usually get asked for those parameters (I thought they normally are picked up by the provider on their end, after we make a connection to their tool).


Am I missing something obvious, or is it possible for me to find the values of these parameters on my own?


More examples of the types of parameters they are asking for:




















Here is a way to get those LTI passed values. The walkthrough was given to me by Redshelf support:


-Open a Chrome browser

-If not created yet, create a link to the LTI tool you are investigating

-Go to a course and open the course area that contains the LTI tool link, don't click on it yet

-Right Click page and click inspect

-Click Network in the inspect console

-Type LTI into the filter

-Launch the LTI tool by clicking the link

-In the inspector console, click on my_courses/ under name, and make sure Headers is selected. The console will now show you what is being passed to the LTI tool, and if you search through you'll find context_id, user_id, lis_person_contact_email_primary, UUID etc…