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Bb Student w/ CAS

Question asked by jo32204 on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by jo32204

Hi everyone,


We use CAS as our authentication method for learn, and when using Bb student, we get the message that "your school requires that you login through their website", which directs the user to our Web Login page, and it works fine.  The problem is that if the app has been closed for a bit, they have to login each time they go to use it.  So they'll login, do what they need to do, then let's say the next day, when they launch the app, they have to login again.  Everyone is so used to apps that just store your password and don't have to worry about it more than once, that I think it may discourage more use of the moblie app. 


Is this something I have to live with as a result of using CAS?  Is there a setting I'm missing?


Thanks for reading!