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B2create a form with action to other jsp

Question asked by jb31639 on Dec 6, 2016
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I'm trying to create a module type B2 something like:

bb-manifest file:

<module type="uob-module-search-guest" ......


This would appear as a widget or module on a communities tab. This is a simple form I'd like to redirect. I'm not sure where it should redirect to which is probably my issue too? Do I have to create a tab for the search results or can this be done as-is.


I'm sure if I did this with a servlet it would be fine but was just after a quick way to send the form action to another jsp page. I'm just struggling to work out how to send the form (post) action to my other jsp. I thought it would be trivial but clearly I'm missing something


My form is:


  <bbNG:form action="search-results.jsp" method="post" >

    <bbNG:textElement name="qry" value="" size="50" maxLength="55"

  isRequired="true" title="Title" />


  <bbNG:genericSubmitButton label="Go!" />





If I use the form then the page attempts to post/redirect to:



How to I set the action to point to the other JSP file. I'm thinking it might be a bb-manifest thing or I should just give in and use a servlet but I'm thinking that was easier as it was a course tool as opposed to a module type. Would a JSP forward be better?


I've created a very short video so you see my issue.

example form