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BB LTI in Canvas LMS`

Question asked by tomevans on Dec 2, 2016



We are just finishing setting up our new platform with Canvas as our LMS with BlackBoard Collab ultra as our lesson software via an LTI.  There is an issue that any parent can create an observer role for themselves in Canvas.  This is linked to an individual student and allows the observer to view attendance, grades, etc.  We have an issue where the observers can also join the Blackboard sessions as the LTI is either on or off for all users despite their permission level.  We have observers scaled back to the minimum permissions and this hasn't effected our ability to login as a dummy observer.  I have spoken to BB support and who have confirmed this is an issue, but don't have a fix.  There is an obvious worry in terms of safeguarding students.


Has anyone else come across this issue, or hopefully, found a fix?


Many thanks