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Update URL containing source content pk1 to copied content pk1 when doing course copy

Question asked by cm29392 on Dec 5, 2016

We first implemented course copying in this semester and an issue arose:

Source course has an announcement with a URL to a quiz containing the content pk1 for this quiz. When it's copied to a destination course, the URL is copied as is and students are routed to the source course quiz (which undesirable).

What I would like to do is updating the copied URL with the new content pk1 for the new quiz in the destination course, for e.g from ...content_id=_1234_1 to content_id=_4567_1

To do so I would need to know a mapping between pk1s of the source and copied quiz.

Is there a way to find out about this relationship? Or do you recommend another way to solve this issue?


Thank you very much.