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How to weight grades differently for grad and undergrad students in combined course

Question asked by mg23470 on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by beyondtool

Looking for suggestions of how to handle the following scenario that an instructor has proposed:


Is it possible to have different weighting schemes for graduate and undergraduate students in the same grade center?


Specifically, grad students will have one extra assignment and their exams will contribute less to their total grade.


For the extra assignment, the instructor could create groups, one for grad and one for undergrad, and then assign the extra assignment to just the graduate student group.  This should exempt the undergrad group from the assignment, so they are not penalized for not completing the assignment.  Agreed?


However, I'm stuck on how to allow two separate weight schemes in the same grade center.  You could create two different weighted total columns, but both columns would calculate grades for all students, and there's no way to hide each one from half the class.


Any ideas?