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Student Enrollments on Child Courses not Handled Consistently on Q2 2016 CU3

Question asked by luong.tai on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by luong.tai

Context: Since we upgraded to Q2 2016 CU3 onto Aston Production, and as early adopters, we have encountered an issue with Student Enrollments in a Child Course not Handled Consistently. It may be related to this historic documented bug:


Resulting bug - when the SIS enrolment controller is first run in REFRESH mode: students enrolled on a Child module is ignored by the enrolment process and as a result, the students are DISABLED on this Child module.



Request: please could you let me know if there is a patch for this bug and we'll schedule a date/time for an installation. Thank you.


As a work around - we are forced to run the same SIS enrolment controller twice, in order to enrol the students associated with a Child module.