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Embedding twitter - a bit of formatting??

Question asked by ed0046157 on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by kelley.macewen

I have followed the instructions on Best Practice: Twitter - Blackboard Help  for generating a twitter feed (in this case, Turnitin status) - once I'd discovered how to limit the height of the box (you need to look at Twitter Publish  & select "set customization options") - I then discovered that if I had the box covering the whole width of the Blackboard page, the text was vast ... if it was a narrow box (220px is what I'd tried), then the text is a sensible size. Is there any setting that I've failed to find that will let me have full width, but regular size text?? [Using Chrome, but I seemed to have the same issues on Firefox]

Also, can we send feedback re. the help pages - adding in the information about setting the size would be useful for more than just me, I suspect!