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Self and Peer Evaluations

Question asked by fprasuhn on Nov 16, 2016
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I am reviewing information and videos of Self and Peer Evaluations. I would like to make certain that I have a firm grasp on the tool.

  1. In essence, a S&PE is its own assignment/task separate from other assignments. Translation: If I want group members to evaluate other team members on a project artifact (report), that I would have the group report assignment AND a corresponding S&PE.
  2. Each S&PE has two steps that learners would need to complete:
    1. The S&PE "assignment/task."
      Translation: Continuing on my group report artifact. I would need to have each group member complete the first part of the S&PE following the group's submission of the report. It could be simply answering: Describe how you participated in Group Report project.
    2. The peer evaluation part based on criteria provided in the evaluation.
      Translation: Students would return to S&PE after submitting their statement and evaluate group members based on given criteria and assign point value based on criterion.


SO, the question I have is, "Do I understand the S&PE tool correctly?


If you have tips and suggestions, please let me know. Thanks! fred