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Finding unmarked sections in a rubric

Question asked by andrewlowe on Nov 16, 2016
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Dear all,

    I originally posted this question to a forum that appears to have disappeared, "All places -> Discussions", Andrew Lowe, 28/10/16, but got no help so I'll try here.


    I am a tutor of 1st year Engineering students at Curtin Uni in Perth, Australia. In several of our subjects we have rubrics set up and as you would expect when under time constraints etc you occasionally miss marking a section of the rubric for a submission. I've tried all sorts of things in SmartViews to try and identify these submissions. For example, say, section 3 of a report has not been marked, I want it to show up on some sort of smart view. For the life of me, I can't. Am I missing something here?


    I know there is a report somewhere, the Unit Coordinator occasionally uses it, that shows how many sections of each rubric have been marked, For example, 100 submissions, section A, 100 marked, section B, 98, section C 100, hence two reports haven't been fully marked. It is then a laborious task to find out which, all the tutors going back and checking their work. Surely there must be a way of IDing these incomplete reports? If memory serves me correctly, there is the ability to do SQL queries somewhere in the system. I know SQL so if I have to resort to that, that would be fine. Something like, contrived example follows:


select (studentName, studentId) from rubricTable where rubricTable.column3 == 'NOT_MARKED'


would be fine.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,


       Andrew Lowe