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Mail notifications in Blackboard

Question asked by tn29202 on Nov 11, 2016
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We are experiencing that users from the different faculties react differently to mail notifications - lovers and haters...

The "lovers" are typically the more regular users, and users that have grasped our general policy of leaving it up to the users themselves to regulate mail notifications using their personal notification settings.

The "haters" which regards the mail notifications as spam are probably just not all that happy with any LMS - and receiving mail notifications just kindles their displeasure...


Is there a way for a systemadministrator to regulate general settings for mail notifications for example a faculty - maybe using institutional roles, domains, institutional hierarchies or some other way....


Or does anyone have any "soft approaches" in reg. to lessen the noise derived from mail notifications?


The irregular users has faq's, guides, possibility of personal support, etc. - but the dissatisfaction is still there.


Best regards

Thomas Kvist Nielsen

Aarhus University