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Custom icon sets?

Question asked by rsrleeds on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by rsrleeds

Does anyone have any experience with custom icon sets?


I'm working on a set for the new Ultra theme and I've tried to ensure all bases are covered, however some icons I have no real idea of their context in the system:

  • receipt info, receipt success and receipt failure?
  • classroom?
  • tool?
  • CD ROM? - I assume this is ancient history



I've made icons for these 'tools' but it would be useful to know where they are used!


Incidentally the iconsare unfinished but are built using Font Awesome and Noun Project assets so can be released to the wild with a licence when we are ready. There are also variants for various building blocks (wiki, turnitin, scorm etc) and mashups (youtube etc) as well. In most cases the icons are new 'mashups', or occassionally just analogues of the Blackboard default set ('tool' for example).


All the best,

Stuart Robinson

eLearning VLES, Leeds