Has anyone installed CU2 for Q4 2015? 

Discussion created by jd37885 on Nov 10, 2016
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I'm planning to move to Q4 2015 from Oct 2014 and figure the security fixes are reason enough to go with CU2 and wanted to make sure no one's seen issues with the CU beyond the new process for CU's (which is another reason to install it during upgrade). 


I know from Upgrade Club that several of you went to Q4 '15 during the last year (Andres Quintero, Toni Pennacchia, Rodney Hargis, Matthew Deeprose, Casey Eubank, Curtis Bryant, Chris Bray), anybody move/test/moving to CU2 instead of Q2 '16?


fwiw: We're a self hosted, single app server, MS & SQL shop, without custom B2's.


Thanks, Jessica