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How to download the submissions linked to one specific group ?

Question asked by ines.duprat on Nov 4, 2016

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We have the same course for 8 different groups which are located in 8 different centers and managed by 8 different professors. We decided to create only 1 course in the Blackboard and to manage the groups directly in the course.


The first problem we got was that the professors could access to the grade book of all the users instead of accessing only their group. So we found out that we could "personalize" the "display" in order to allow the professors to see the people of their groups only.


Now, we have a second problem : the professors must download the submissions of the participants to grade them but, even if they see only their group grade book, when they click to download the submissions, the download is proposed for everyone who if registered in the course.
Is their any way to change the display?



The expected result would be : the professor only sees what is related to his group.


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