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Deprovisioning and back up of individual users

Question asked by bert.middelhoven on Nov 4, 2016



I've already asked this question over at Behind the Blackboard, but unfortunately support informed me that since this is a custom report request, it falls outside of their scope, and I should try asking my question here.


We currently have quite a few inactive users in our Blackboard system, and are currently trying to figure out whether it is possible to make a back-up of all their data and store this back-up on another server, so that we can safely delete the user and his content from our Blackboard environment.



The end goal here is to have a batch script handling this process automatically. However, we are having some trouble figuring out how to identify all the data belonging to a single user- for example, portfolios and test results. We've had some success with WebDav in copying data from the content collection, but doing so does not copy the mentioned portfolios and test results.


I've been working on a query to retrieve this data, and so far I have this;



use BBLEARN_cms_doc




WHERE u.FILE_NAME LIKE '%.%' /* only files, not folders */

AND ( /* folders containing portfolio items */

u.FULL_PATH LIKE '/internal/portfolio/reflections/%' OR

u.FULL_PATH LIKE '/internal/portfolio/artifacts%' OR

u.FULL_PATH LIKE '/internal/portfolio/snapshots%'




This retrieves all data from the portfolio (I think?), but I have no idea how to identify which user each row belongs to. There is a CREATED_BY column but it seems that it does not point to any value in the primary key column of BBLEARN.users. Could you help me figure out the following;



1) Confirm whether the query above indeed returns all information in the portfolios

2) How to identify which user the content belongs to.


Any help with this issue would be appreciated!



Kind regards,



Nico Beckers

Zuyd University