Institutional Hierarchies to the course level

Discussion created by bm0049338 on Nov 2, 2016
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Good afternoon,

My institution is hoping to go to a course level in the hierarchies. What is the best way to do this? Is the following scenario possible?


School of Business

     Business Admin

          Semester 1

               Comm 1048  courses to be placed here- Comm1048-2575, Comm1048-2576, Comm1048-2767

School of Skilled Trades


          Semester 1

               Comm 1048 courses to be placed here Comm1048-2580, Comm1048-2581, Comm1048-2782


How would the hierarchy or the script recognize that there are a lot of Comm1048, and to slot the correct section into the correct program/school? (The section numbers would change every semester so there isn't consistency in the delimiters between comm classes each semester).