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How to calculate current course quota

Question asked by kimberley.johnston on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by jw0040139

We're trying to automate our course creation process and we'd like a way to calculate the current course quota so we can work out if a course copy will be possible or not.

Ideally we're trying to achieve something like this:


1) COURSE_A_2016 finishes for the year so we need to prepare for next year

2) Create an empty course COURSE_A_2017 with a max quota of 1.5Gb via SIS Integration

3) Check the current quota of COURSE_A_2016

4) If quota is less than 1.5GB continue, else tell the instructor to clear out some space

5) Do a course copy from COURSE_A_2016 into COURSE_A_2017


We have an inhouse built system which manages all the administration of our Blackboard courses outside of Blackboard Learn - we feed the data in via SIS integrations. Blackboard have given us an SQL query to enables us to get some of this data (below) but the table used is only updated every 24 hours so not very dynamic for our use case. If an Instructor did clear our their course to make space and then wanted to request the creation of a new paper they wouldn't be able to as our system would still report a quota issue.

select cm.COURSE_ID, cm.COURSE_NAME, cs.SIZE_COURSEFILES/(1024*1024),

cs.SIZE_PROTECTEDFILES/(1024*1024), cs.SIZE_LEGACYFILES/(1024*1024), cs.SIZE_TOTAL/(1024*1024)

from bblearn.COURSE_SIZE cs, bblearn.COURSE_MAIN cm where cs.CRSMAIN_PK1 = cm.PK1

order by cm.COURSE_ID


I know that the 360 View page and the Course Quota page from the System Admin panel are updated on page load so I'm trying to mimic that behaviour in our external system.


Any ideas?