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Creating a role for External Examiner

Question asked by ed0046157 on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by andrew.jossis

I'm trying to set up a Course/Organisation role for our external examiners. We basically want them to see all the material that is in the course, both teaching and assessment materials, grades, etc., etc, but ideally not to be able to edit anything. I'm not thinking they would on purpose, but would rather they couldn't accidentally either!

Clearly guest doesn't give them enough information - and Instructor too much. [I also didn't want them to show as instructors on the courses, as that could confuse some students]

The route I have taken is to copy instructor & remove all the privileges that allowed editing etc.

What have others tried?? Are External Examiners a particularly UK idea, or are they also in use in other countries?