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Question with: Group Assignments, Rubrics, and Shift in Group Membership

Question asked by cs0040021 on Oct 27, 2016


Faculty sets up:

  1. Groups: Group Set: 10 groups - Self Assign - Available = yes
  2. Group Assignment: 1 submission - all 10 groups - Available = yes
  3. Attaches a bblearn Rubric: 10 criteria, 4 levels of proficiency - Available to students with rubric scores = yes


Prior to students submitting their work:

  • 2 students indicate they 'accidentally' signed up for the wrong group.
  • Instructor manually enters group set, group enrollment: removes 2 students, adds 2 students to their respective group POST Group Assignment Creation.
  • Students submit their group paper.
  • Instructor Grades via needs grading: group paper/rubric.


Expected Result: 

Students in new group configuration all inherit grade from group rubric; all students in group see feedback on rubric as well as scores, etc.


Actual Result: 

Same as above EXCEPT the two students who were swapped in their group before submitting see the rubric and score from original group.


I think this is a known issue ??   All I could do for the instructor was download the rubric (several print screens) into a PDF ...go into the student/grade center..manually override the score for that student and then attach using the content editor the rubric they should have received.  Had students not submitted their assignments, I would have recommended she delete the assignment (which we did for part 2 of the project) - rebuild the assignment -- and attach the groups and rubric back to it??


Anyone have a better work around or know if there is a behind.bblearn knowledge base article on that? All I could find was that you cannot change group back to individual on an assignment (known issue) fix/behaving as intended..but nothing on changes in group config...