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Single Account - Multiple Users

Question asked by tb25215 on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by mbuchanon

We have a request from a Department that wants to use a single user/login and allow users/parents to login and view material. Currently we do not allow guest or observer access, but initially think that that would be a possible solution. Is there a limit on connections from a SINGLE user across the system. Estimates are approx 200 logins at one time from a single account. We would like some opinions on allowing this OR deterring from this request. Any insight would be greatly appreciated...I'll post the response from Blackboard support below. Thanks.


Thank you for contacting Blackboard Technical Support.
Based on the research that I have done, it doesn't appear that there is any reason that you wouldn't be able to do this as there aren't any limiting factors for number of people using an account at once. However, please note that we haven't tested for such a use case, so you may experience unexpected issues while doing so. You may want to reach out to our developer community at for other possible alternatives to allowing the guest role in that department's courses.