Calendar WS - Unexpected data when retrieved Calendar Items

Discussion created by victordiego on Oct 28, 2016

Hi everyone,


We tried to get the Calendar events based on their user_pk1 using this customized method:

getCalendarByUserPK1 customized method

public CalendarItemVO[] getCalendarByUserPK1(String pk1_user) {


     CalendarItemFilter calendarFilter = new CalendarItemFilter();



     calendarFilter.setUserId(new String[] {pk1_user});


     CalendarItemVO[] calendarItemVOs = calendarWrapper.getCalendarItem(calendarFilter);



     return calendarItemVOs;




But the retrieved data are not expected:


  1. Institutional and Course events are retrieved, but not Personal events. Is this the right behavior or maybe a bug? How could I retrieve Personal events then?
  2. In the other hand the retrieved events are all marked "PERSONAL" in the Type variable (calling getCalendarItemType() method) when they are Institutional or Course.

Thanks in advance.