Any Tableau and A4L users that are Manage Hosting customers?

Discussion created by tp36301 on Oct 27, 2016
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We are an Learner Analytics/A4L customer (and have OpenDB) and are not licensed other Analytics tools like the student or financial Blackboard Analytics modules; we have A4L and OpenDB since we are Managed Hosted and do not have direct access to our data.


We would like to learn what is required to get A4L or OpenDB data be pushed into (or connected to) Tableau or similar as we have a few licenses for our online campus.  I know that Matt Lingard  posted already to the data reporting group on OpenDB.  Has anyone tackled getting data into Tableau via A4L cubes or connections.  I have seen a link on Analytics in general connecting to Tableau but not specifically Learner Analytics.


I look forward to your reply with anything that you might recommend that you have configured to get this to work.  Let me know what you find.


In addition, is there another group created for Analytics specifically, Marissa Dimino? I thought there was one created but I could not find it.




Toni P.