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Updating Blackboard Custom DataBase Object from C#

Question asked by as0045500 on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by as0045500

Hi Guys,


Iam a game design/developer and i created a custom database on our blackboard learn enviroment with all the tables/fields i had to. I always worked with building block using Oracle java.


All of my games were created with c# using Unity Developer, a very robust game engine. What i'am trying to accomplish:


1. Host my games inside our Content Collection (done)
2. Host my "Gaming Panel", that is a feature to show User/Player Experience, level, etc... (The user credentials are the same from the blackboard students, and all of this variables will increase when he log in, do a assessment and all that kind of activity). It's really like a gamification feature for the students. (done, but using pre-build credentials, not syncing with blackboard yet).

3. Make a link to that same custom table to the game itself receive those varialbles: Level, Avatar, Experience, Currency etc..


THis way i can manage to link the Academic life of the students with my virtual educational games. I tried to import the librarys to my Visual Studio with no sucess, maybe it's just a proxy on my work.


Someone know a good tutorial on how to accomplish the connection beetwen a C# and a blackboard building block? I tried a few with no sucess.


Thank you so much! =)