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How to set CourseSearch parameters

Question asked by kh32344 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by kh32344

This code snippet does not return any result, but I am sure there are many courses in DB table having course_id(course_main/course_id) ended with "_F2016"

How to set the parameters of CourseSearch with this very basic search?

The code runs on 2015, Q4.



java.util.Date createDate = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();

SearchOperator dateOp = SearchOperator.LessThan;

String sCourses = "_F2016";


CourseSearch sCourse = CourseSearch.getViewCoursesSearch

(CourseSearch.SearchKey.CourseId, SearchOperator.Like, sCourses, dateOp, createDate, ServiceLevel.FULL);


  if ( bbPm == null )bbPm = PersistenceServiceFactory.getInstance().getDbPersistenceManager();

  CourseDbLoader courseDbLoader = (CourseDbLoader) bbPm.getLoader( CourseDbLoader.TYPE );

  List<Course> sResults = courseDbLoader.loadByCourseSearch(sCourse);



Please shed some light, thank you!