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Baylor - Hardin Simmons Attendance Building Block

Question asked by on Oct 14, 2016
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Has anyone used (or is currently using) the Baylor - Hardin Simmons Attendance Building Block?

Any issues, thoughts, concerns? We are testing it out and have heard at least one college that attempted it and pulled it after some performance drag on the system.



Our IT guys had some concerns:

1. Has anyone analyzed the code to determine if its something that can be ran safely in a production environment.
2.  If there are memory leaks associated with this building block who will be responsible for fixing those memory leaks
3.  Is there any concerns about the data being transferred over to the MS SQL server in clear text
4.  If their is a communication issue during the transmission of the data over to the MSSQL server what does the code, do will it lockup the Blackboard server until the connection times out
5.  When the tool runs what is the overall impact from a performance perspective of this while the data is being transferred.