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How can I check if I have CU2 installed?

Question asked by fk0068227 on Oct 18, 2016
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I went through installing CU2 and I followed the instructions in:

in the process I've used the installer (from the downloaded file: bb-as-windows-9.1.201510.1175205.jar)

however when I run:"BbPatch.bat list" I get the following results:

Blackboard Learn, Version 9.1.201510.1175205, C:\blackboard

Packages installed on this host:

No packages are installed.

Packages installed globally:

No packages are installed.

[SUCCESS] Successfully listed installed packages.

As you see the version I got was: 9.1.201510.1175205 which should be the CU2 Version however there is no indicator in the "Bbpatch.bat list" results for any CU installed

thank you for the help