automatically updating BB module with known issues

Discussion created by sp0046068 on Oct 17, 2016
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Good Afternoon

We are in the process of trying to keep our staff and instructors more informed about known issues, workarounds and resolutions. Currently, as system administrator, we receive this information by email subscription, which requires us to log into Behind The Blackboard. Obviously, we cannot redirect our users here, since they do not have an account to log in. The information available via the Behind the Blackboard for educators is woefully lacking in current content and articles. I have created a Blackboard Status and Information tab in Blackboard in order for instructors to view and have access to the most current information. Other than manually copying each known issue one by one and posting in BB, is that any other way in which to automatically get this information and have it easily accessible. Is there a building block or an RSS feed that I can use that will automatically populate a module or channel on my Status tab?  How are other institutions advising staff and instructors of current known issues and workarounds?



Sandy Paul