Moodle Plugin for Collaborate Ultra and Recordings

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Ultra integration with Moodle & Recordings Poll


At BlueSky Online School, we use the Moodle Plugin for Collaborate Ultra instead of the LTI plugin.  We have used this specific plugin to better serve our integrations with our SIS, and our attendance integration that is based activities submitted.


We learned recently that currently the Moodle plugin Collaborate Ultra does not support the ability to delete session recordings.  We are very interested to see if this can made a part of the current roadmap for the Ultra product so that our staff can easily remove Ultra recordings within Moodle for one of the following reasons:


  • The session contained proprietary student/other data
  • The session was recorded by accident
  • The session contains outdated/irrelevant content that requires updating


Many of our staff use static meeting rooms for their "in office" hours or have shared static guest links for their sessions, and these sessions cannot be removed for the sake of eliminating a recording.


We are interested to know what other schools use Moodle and also record their sessions with the Collaborate Ultra meeting tool.  Please respond to this POLL to provide some feedback to help provide an idea of how many other clients share our circumstances.  Thanks for any feedback you can provide!


Ultra integration with Moodle & Recordings Poll