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Implementing an accordion interface

Question asked by webolution on Oct 13, 2016
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I am implementing some videos from Lynda into a course I am developing within Blackboard. I want the student experience to be the best it can be. In this instance, these are about a dozen videos and they are all about a minute or so long. So, the overall time commitment is short, but the interface with all of the videos embedded within Blackboard seems daunting. So I thought I would implement an accordion interface.


I initially used jQuery to do this myself within the HTML editor, but that broke the ability to edit items on the page once it was saved. So I am guessing there is a JS conflict. In looking at the code, it appears that Blackboard uses Prototype and Scriptaculous. I do not wish to break the edit ability again.


So I am asking if anyone out there has done this and how they achieved it without breaking Blackboard functionality?